Nature Explorations

Nature explorations

Sailing through the Sipalay Sea

From the coasts of Manami, take on a boat to see the wonders of the ocean’s expanse. A trip to the renowned Tinagong Dagat brings the experience of getting close to the hilly islets and actually swimming through it. Spend half a day taking a dip and sipping refreshments aboard. Get up close to the marine life with a snorkeling stopover at Campomanes Bay, as you watch schools of fish in different patterns and colors swim into and out of the elaborate coral reef.

There is a mangrove trail, and you are meant to explore it beyond paddling. This path closer to the resort invites you to walk through the coastal shrubs and immerse yourself in its natural shadow. Reach out to our Nature Butler and have your lunch picnic at its tiny shores.

Underground exploration

A distinct feature in Manami Resort is the in-property cave which is an adventure on its own. Right in the middle of this cavern is a stunning secret spot that engages you in a different perspective of life.